Mindful Money’s news round-up: Monday 16th May 2011

16th May 2011

Story of the day:

From the Independent, how the UK manufacturing committee is trying to urge the government to reject the recommendations of the Climate Change Committee, as the changes will have little environmental benefit and will be damaging to the economy.

EEF warns against higher emission cuts

And the best of the rest:

The Telegraph is reporting on how the euro and Greek debt restructuring will be affected by the IMF head being arrested.

IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn's arrest costs Europe key ally in Greek debt talks

The Independent is discussing DSK's recent arrest as well, and how his private life should not affect his professional life but in cases such as this, it inevitably does.

A charismatic intellectual who is no stranger to scandal

Also in the Telegraph, how economic growth, or lack of, has caused a decline in consumer spending and real household disposable incomes.

Consumer spending 'to remain subdued for another nine years'

The New York Times is looking behind the face of Greek debt to how it is actually affecting the people of Greece.

Money Troubles Take Personal Toll in Greece

The Guardian is discussing whether the commodity boom has come to an end and the Glencore floatation may well mark the moment.

Glencore could dynamite the commodity boom

Also in the Guardian in disparity between top earners and the rest of the country, by the high pay commission and how to create a more equal society, for example, shareholders to have a direct say on pay and bonus packages.

Pay gap widening to Victorian levels

From the BBC News, how lack of communication can cause problems. Yahoo and Alibaba's public spat caused share prices to fall last week.

Yahoo and Alibaba say they will negotiate after spat

The Wall Street Journal on how some of the world wealthiest are trying to help the environment and sustainability.

The Planet Savers. Protecting the environment has never been a popular cause for philanthropists, but that is changing


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