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1st January 1999

What is the MM Blog-Ad Network?

Everyone knows that the future of the media lies in the hands of the many, but at present the rewards still go only to the few, big media titles. So while there may be many opportunities for blogs to make their voices heard, it's still really difficult to make a decent living out of it. 

That has to change and we are spearheading a game-changing move to use the media clout that Mindful Money has to create a UK media network comprised of the leading voices in the blogosphere so that the many may reap the rewards that they deserve. 

Benefits to Bloggers

Our access to high quality ads and our generous revenue sharing model is what, we believe, makes the Mindful Money Blog-Ad Network stand out. We've leveraged our relationships with our existing advertisers to offer a select number of high quality blogs the opportunity to receive high quality ads with the very best rates.

So far the following blogs have joined the network:

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