More than £23m stolen in phone scam in just one-year claims Financial Fraud Action

22nd June 2015


Some £23.6m has been lost in the space of a year as a result of the UK’s most widespread phone scam according to new figures from Financial Fraud Action (FFA).

According to the group, which fights against fraud in the UK payments industry, the scam involves victims being tricked into transferring money directly from their on bank account into a fraudsters.

The fraud typically works by the criminal calling their victim and pretending to be from their bank. The fraudster will then convince the victim that fraud has been detected on their bank account and that they have to act fast by moving their money into a so-called ‘safe account’ or risk losing all their money.

The con is often successful because criminals will use a range of techniques to dupe their victim – such as ‘spoofing’ the telephone number on the person’s caller ID display so that it matches their bank’s number, or making reference to genuine account information which they have fraudulently obtained elsewhere, in a bid to make the call seem genuine.

Neighbourhood Watch is no working in partnership with FFA to advise members of the public how to avoid falling victim to these scams.

Katy Worobec, director of FFA said: “More and more people have heard about the dangers of phone scams and how they work, but unfortunately there is still a significant number who are unaware that highly professional criminals are systematically targeting members of the public to deceive them out of their savings.

“We want to declare this week a time for all those who are aware of these threats to talk to relatives and neighbours and warn them about suspect calls and how to protect themselves.”

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  1. Rob Brown says:

    I honestly do not believe that people can be this gullible.

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