National Grid in winter power warning

28th October 2014


The National Grid has warned that its capacity to supply electricity  will be at a seven-year low this winter, but the Government has dismissed fears of blackouts.

The announcement follows the breakdown and closure of generators, which means that spare electricity will be just 4% this year, whereas three years ago the margin was 17%

Matthew Hancock, the energy minister told the BBC: “We are absolutely clear we are taking the measures necessary in order to have secure energy supplies this winter.”

National Grid said it is finalising contracts with three UK power stations to provide reserve power when demand is high

Caroline Flint MP, Labour shadow energy and climate change secretary, said: “The security of our energy supply has not been helped by the fall in investment under this government. With a quarter of our power stations closing this decade it is vital that we bring forward investment in secure and clean energy for the future.”

Cordi O’Hara, director of market operations at National Grid.”The electricity margin has decreased compared with recent years, but the outlook remains manageable and well within the reliability standard set by the government.”

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