Pre-wedding revellers – and especially brides-to-be – warned to ensure they take out adequate travel insurance

13th July 2015


With the summer wedding season in full-swing, stag and hen parties are being warned to double check their travel insurance to ensure that they are not left severely out of pocket or unwittingly invalidate their cover

Brides-to-be are especially being cautioned in terms of the cover they take out as the typical engagement ring costs on average £2,400, way above what many policies will cover.

Switching site is warning pre-wedding revellers that travel insurance generally provides limited cover for lost or stolen valuables, such as jewellery, watches and cameras. But policies usually only provide between £200 and £500 worth of cover, while 10% of annual travel and 8% of single trip policies do not provide any cover at all.

Some policies also exclude cover for jewellery – except wedding rings – lost while swimming.

Engagement rings and other high value items can be insured under home contents insurance, but party goers need to check policy limits and conditions and make sure they have ‘personal possessions away from the home’ cover.

Other common travel insurance exclusions include claims made as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, fighting – except in self-defence, reckless behaviour and taking part in activities deemed ‘hazardous’ such as jet skiing, quad biking or diving. noted that some insurers will cover adventurous activities for an additional fee but travellers need to read the terms and conditions.  Also, some policies may only cover activities, such as scuba diving, if they are organised from the UK.

Caroline Lloyd from said: “The advent of cheap flights has seen stag and hen party-goers heading abroad rather than for a knees-up down the local pub.  Travel insurance – which covers medical expenses, lost baggage, cancellation and delays – is a must for any trip abroad. However, while insurers do not want to stop you from enjoying yourself, they do expect you to take care and not behave recklessly or illegally.

“Most policies won’t pay out for medical treatment illness or injury, which in the opinion of the treating doctor, resulted from excessive alcohol consumption.  Likewise claims for injuries incurred as a result from jumping from balconies, vehicles or stairways or, from being involved in a fight are also usually excluded.”

Lloyd added that insurers also expect people to take reasonable steps to keep their belongings secure.  “They won’t pay out for a stolen phone or wallet which you left under your towel while you went for a swim or for an engagement ring left by your bed in your hotel room,” added Lloyd. has produced a guide on insurance for jewellery and valuables, which can be viewed here.

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