Reading list: Aggregate demand control is European single currency weakness

14th November 2011

Aggregate Demand Control is European Single Currency Weakness

Excellent economics paper (PDF) by Peter James Rhys Morgan, in which he discusses the requirements of aggregate demand for a stable economy and the "difficulties and conflicts this creates throughout the European Union." Lulu


America's Productivity Paradox

Maxwell Wessel believes that increased productivity is one of the main causes of high unemployment in America. "Our very productivity makes it hard to put all of the people who lost their jobs back to work." Harvard Business Review


The Undeserving One Percent?

Reading some economists, it might seem that the answer to all current problems is to tax the richest 1% and redistribute to everyone else. "But if governments tax their rich more, they should do it with the aim of improving access and opportunity for all." Project-Syndicate


Déjà vu all over again

According to Jan Boucek the world is eerily familiar to the 1970s. "Back then, double-digit central bank interest rates were widespread. Now, rates of virtually zero are equally disquieting. Stock markets went nowhere in the 1970s, just as they've done for 12 years now. The IMF bailed out ancient European nations in the 1970s and is at it again now." Adam Smith


Greek economic crisis

With Greece on the verge of default, this infographic shows that Greece has been buried in debt for a number of years. It used foreign loans to cover its budget deficit. Pensions are the biggest spending item. Ria Novosti


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