Reading List: Bigger boom, deeper bust, earlier recovery

6th October 2011

Follow the Money

Not a day goes by without policymakers in America adding their voice to the euro zone debt crisis, but why exactly should America be so concerned? Robert Reich gives $2.7 trillion reasons why.


Bleed the Foreigner

 "The frequent and spectacular early modern bankruptcies of the French and Spanish monarchies concerned for the most part debt owed to foreigners." Harold James of Project-Syndicate provides an intriguing historical take on the euro zone crisis.


On China and Jobs

Naked Keynesianism is concerned about the view that a weak dollar and trade restrictions on China would help the US trade deficit and boost local manufacturing jobs. "Blaming China for lack of fiscal stimulus in the US seems, not just futile, but wrongheaded."


Bigger boom, deeper bust, earlier recovery

The Economist on recent UK GDP revisions: "the economy was stronger going into recession, fell harder, and recovered earlier (and a bit more strongly) than previously thought."


The Long Stagnation

"Whether its riots in Athens, denial in Berlin or protests on Wall Street. The political and cultural effects of the financial crisis continue to reverberate." David Brooks and Gail Collins go back and forth in conversation for the New York Times.


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