Reading List: ‘Britain on path of bankruptcy’ (video edition)

5th March 2012


Economics for five year olds

An economics lesson with 5 year old Hudson Hinckley, son of Barry Hinckley – a candidate for the US Senate.  Hinckley 


'Britain on path of bankruptcy'

Rodney Shakespeare, a professor of binary economics, says last week's admission by the Chancellor that the country has run out of money, shows that the present financial and economic model is "finished." Press TV


China Takes Advantage of Eurozone Crisis

Is China buying up Europe? This investigation shows that with the EU economy in crisis mode, Chinese companies are splurging on industry and technology investments. Reuters


Ron Paul: Fed is going to self destruct

Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul takes aim at the Federal Reserve, and its chairman Ben Bernanke over inflation and the value of money in the economic system. CNN


Agenda with George Friedman on Europe's Future

As EU leaders assemble for another summit, George Friedman argues that European leaders are once again failing to tackle the real issues. Stratfor


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