Reading List: Britain Should Join the Euro, Asap

22nd November 2011

Britain Should Join the Euro, Asap

Too many knowing commentators now assume that the Euro will fail. "But not only will the euro survive its current difficulties, Britain will eventually join." That's the contrarian view of Lib Dem campaigner and blogger Stuart Bonar. Huffington Post


Can economy wait til 2012 election?

"2013 could begin a transformative period in American policy making. That will be then. This is now. And, for now, don't expect much in way of legislation that could seriously address our real and mounting economic problems." Politico


Water's Economics as Muddy as Ever

"For such a transparent substance, water's economics are anything but clear." Using Texas as an example, Andrew Winston believes that the global increase in water demand poses a daunting, and often confusing economic dilemma for businesses. Harvard Business Review


The Neuroeconomics Revolution

Economics is at the start of a revolution that is traceable to an unexpected source: medical schools and their research facilities. "Neuroscience – the science of how the brain works – is beginning to change the way we think about how people make decisions." Project Syndicate


The lesson from Canada on cutting deficits

Back in 1994 Canada was in a similar position to where Italy and Greece are today. But its shift from "pariah to fiscal darling" provides lessons for European and Washington policymakers as they try to find answers to their unsustainable deficit and debt burdens. The Globe and Mail

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