Reading List: China Economy Going Bust: Tic Toc

11th October 2011

China Economy Going Bust: Tic Toc

"Letting its currency rise will cause a recession." Kel Kelly of The Market Oracle explains why trying to tame inflation by allowing its currency to rise may cause a hard landing in the Chinese economy.


Beware inflation, not recession

 From Investors Chronicle: Andrew Sentence, a former member of the BofE MPC believes that inflation is a bigger concern for the UK economy than a recession."High inflation and slow growth are inextricably linked." It is inflation that is restraining growth, he argues.


The Lost Decade

In his blog, Antonio Fatas adds his voice to the growing concern that the US economy will go through a "lost decade" like Japan did in the mid 90s. But Fata is even more pessimistic; "The US economy showed weaknesses starting 10 years ago."


The Macro Costs and Benefits of a Sovereign Greek Default

The pressure is mounting in the euro zone to do more to solve its debt crisis. Eurointelligence highlights the striking resemblance between how Japan handled its crisis in the 1990s and how European leaders are approaching this crisis.


Your Economic Outlook: Mixed Up

With a global recession seeming ever more likely and data indicators contradicting each other, The New York Times presents a new interactive feature, asking its readers about their thoughts and feeling about the global economy.


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