Reading List: Europe’s crisis is the UK’s opportunity

24th October 2011

Europe's crisis is the UK's opportunity

With a eurozone crisis on the horizon, the likelihood that the UK will need to make further financial contributions to save the euro increases. Therefore, Nigel Hawkins argues that in return, the UK should demand concessions of its own, including major cuts in CAP payments and, in the long term, its abolition. Adam Smith


Crunch Time for Franco-German Ties

"Unless France and Germany can find a way to resolve their fundamental differences over the next few days, both the euro and the EU itself could start to unravel-a terrifying prospect." Wall Street Journal


More Jobs Predicted for Machines, Not People

Interesting take on US jobs outlook: "A faltering economy explains much of the job shortage in America, but advancing technology has sharply magnified the effect, more so than is generally understood. New York Times


PIGS to be relegated to Euro B

"The Euro has failed because the participating countries ignored the fiscal rules. So we are hearing, as fintag predicted, the Euro is to be split into a Euro A and a Euro B." Fintag


China's Crippled Financial Sector

"Even in the best of times, it is difficult for China's small and medium-size enterprises to get bank loans. But, with the current regimen of credit austerity making conditions for SMEs worse, the financial sector – the least reformed sector in China – now is suffocating the beating heart of the country's economic dynamism." Project-Syndicate


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