Reading List: Eurozone may have turned corner (video edition)

19th March 2012


After Goldman Sachs Resignation, Assessing Wall Street's 'Moral Fiber'

With Wall Street still buzzing from an op-ed piece written in last week's New York Times by a former Goldman Sachs employee, Georgetown University's James Angel and the University of Maryland's Michael Greenberger, offer two different takes on Wall Street culture. PBS Newshour


Obstacles Stand in Way of India's Economic Potential

High inflation, local retail protection and a porous business climate make Asia's third largest economy a tough sell for foreign investors. Bloomberg


Eurozone may have turned corner

Despite a closely watched OECD indicator showing that Europe has reached a turning point. A latest Australian business survey suggests that debt worries – especially from Spain, are still weighing on confidence. ABC News


High oil prices test US economy

Using Jimmy Pastor, a Milkman in Los Angeles as an example, this report highlights the ripple effect that high gas prices is having on local businesses. AFP


A UK 100-year bond bad news for pension funds

Would a rational investor buy a 100year bond? Peter Thal Larsen explains why Britain's history of financial crises, inflation and wars would suggest otherwise. Reuters


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