Reading List: Football Freakonomics (video edition)

28th October 2011


Darwin Explains Our Economy, Says Robert Frank

Many cite Adam Smith as being the pioneer of economics but Robert Frank disagrees. "In 100 years' time, if we polled a majority of professional economists, they'll say [most of them] that Charles Darwin was the founder of our discipline." Zocalo Public Square


Does US Economic Inequality Have a Good Side?

A new Congressional Budget Office analysis supports the idea that income inequality has grown considerably over the past few decades. However Paul Solman argues that wealth inequality acts as a driving force for innovation. PBS


China's building boom: Is it a bubble?

CBS News business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis visits the "empty city" of Dantu, 150 miles northwest of Shanghai – an example of why analysts are concerned about a possible real estate crisis. CBS News


George Osborne warns of 'blank spaces' in Eurozone rescue package

The Chancellor is pleased at the progress made on a new bailout package at a crisis summit of European leaders in Brussels but warns that "blank spaces" in the deal must be filled in quickly. Telegraph


Football Freakonomics

In the first segment of "Football Freakonomics" on the NFL Network, co-author of Freakonomics Stephen Dubner examines the phenomenon of momentum and whether we can actually prove its existence in football games. NFL


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