Reading List: Has Greece destroyed Europe’s future? (Video edition)

4th November 2011


Economics in Uncertain Times

Economists failed to predict the current downturn and appear empty of ideas to pull the world out of recession. Have we put too much faith in the dismal science? TVO


Has Greece Destroyed Europe's Future?

WSJ's Thorold Barker pays a visit to Mean Street to point out that having let the Greek debt crisis extend for several years may portend a less than favourable future for Europe. Wall Street Journal


Eviscerating the Middle Class

Rob Cox is joined by New Yorker writer George Packer, who recently authored ''The Broken Contract,'' an article published in Foreign Affairs to discuss economic inequality in America. Reuters


London: Europe's finance centre

For centuries the city of London has been the centre of European finance, but what's in store for the district's future? CNN


Bleak Outlook for US Dollar

Paul Mackel, head of Asia currency research at HSBC, expects the U.S. dollar to weaken on concerns for the fiscal dynamics in the United States. CNBC


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