Reading List: How big, bold policy changes breed economic catastrophe

29th March 2012

Who Captured the Fed?

The Federal Reserve has been riotously preoccupied by the needs of bankers', especially after the financial crisis in 2008 and that's not likely to change any time soon, two economists write. Economix


Eurozone Follies: Confusing Callousness for Courage

Jedd Madrick calls Europe's push for austerity: "pre-Depression economics" and wonders whether policymakers have the guts and courage to take a stand. New Deal 2.0


Three Analysts Answer Three Big Financial Questions

Three economists answer questions about the Fed's low interest rates, Bush-era tax cuts and the impacts of government regulation on the business sector. The Fiscal Times


How Big, Bold Policy Changes Breed Economic Catastrophe

Bill Davidow says ObamaCare and the formulation of the euro are examples of why making major policy changes in gridlocked environments is a "formula for disaster." The Atlantic


Infographic: The Economics of March Madness

While March Madness (a single elimination college basketball tournament) won't throw the US economy into recession, this infographic show that it can have adverse effects on the economy. Midwest Sports Fans


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