Reading List: How to figure out your personal inflation rate

6th March 2012

Reckless: The Inside Story of How the Banks Beat Washington (Again)

An exclusive story by Jesse Eisinger of why the Federal Reserve caved to the largest financial institutions over shareholder dividends in 2011 and how Wall Street still own Capitol Hill. The Atlantic


Alexander Hamilton's Eurozone Tour

"For many Europeans, Alexander Hamilton's negotiation in 1790 of the new US federal government's assumption of the states' large debts like a tempting model. But, as Hamilton knew well – and as subsequent US history showed – debt mutualization by itself could not guarantee political union." Project Syndicate


A tale of two depressions redux

Two academics argue that there may be a case for additional fiscal consolidation because "while industrial production and trade recovered much more than during the Great Depression, both series now appear to be slowing down." Vox EU


How to Figure Out Your Personal Inflation Rate

Want to know what's really happening to your own standard of living? Just go to the grocery store or a department store and look around you. TIME


Capitalism makes the world go 'round

Sam Bowman on the importance of making the distinction between free-market capitalism and crony capitalism: "Far too often, capitalism's advocates and critics end up talking past each other. No wonder both sides find these debates so frustrating – all too often, they're not even talking about the same thing". Adam Smith


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