Reading List: How to silence a Nobel Prize winning economist: Ask him about the economy

21st October 2011


How to silence a Nobel Prize winning economist: Ask him about the economy.

Peter Schiff comments on a recent press conference in which the two recent winners of the Nobel Prize of economics struggled to come up with answers about Europe the US economy. Peter Schiff Show


Economics 101 With Thomas Sowell

Libertarian Economist and Hoover Institute Senior Fellow Thomas Sowell discusses economics and freedom with Judge Napolitano. Fox Business News


Is The Current Economic Crisis The Next Great Depression

Professor of economics John A. Miller talks to The Real News about why the current economic downturn is not like any other recession. "What really distinguishes this downturn from previous recessions since WWII is the fact that it is coupled with a financial crisis."


China economy to outpower the US

The IMF predicts that economic dominance by the United States will secede to China in 2016. RT America asks economist Max Fraad Wolff about the trends that could lead to this outcome.


Darling Says UK Growth Bigger Risk Than Inflation

With Inflation reaching 5.2%, former U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling talks to Maryam Nemazee about U.K. inflation and the euro-zone debt crisis. Bloomberg Television


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