Reading List: Infographic: The state of the euro zone

9th November 2011

Europe's Darkness at Noon

"It may be hard to imagine that Europe's crisis could worsen, but it just has. The Greek crisis will not go away until there is reason to hope that Greece can revive economic growth, while Italy and Portugal are heading into the same trap." Project-Syndicate


The 1% are the very best destroyers of wealth the world has ever seen

"Our common treasury in the last 30 years has been captured by industrial psychopaths. That's why we're nearly bankrupt." George Monbiot reacts to the findings of a psychologist, which show that the bosses that got us into this mess have the same traits as psychopaths. The Guardian


Numbers Games

Thomas Sowell writes about the statistical manipulation by the media when it comes to income inequalities. "It is easier and cheaper to collect statistics about income brackets than it is to follow actual flesh and blood people as they move massively from one income bracket to another over the years." Hoover Institution


The coming golden age?

Dr Linda Yueh is optimistic about the future of the world despite recession worries in Europe and the US. "After all, a third of the world's population is gradually being lifted out of poverty and into the middle classes." Adam Smith


Infographic: The state of the euro zone

Excellent series of graphics on the debt crisis currently facing the eurozone. Washington Post


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