Reading List: Is QE working? Evidence from the UK

3rd November 2011

Stocks Are Finally Starting to "Get It"

Stocks "seem to finally be waking up to the fact that the leveraged EFSF doesn't solve anything. Remember, the entire European banking system is leveraged at 26 to 1. Yes, 26 to 1. That's the Entire European Banking system leveraged at near Lehman levels. Zero Hedge


Is QE working? Evidence from the UK

Nearly a month after the Bank of England announced an additional round of quantitative easing, did the last £200 billion make any difference? This article argues that QE may have helped boost real GDP by as much as 2% and inflation by 1.5%. Vox eu


Chart of the day: The Fed gets gloomier

In addition to announcing that it would stay put on monetary policy, here's a chart showing that the "Fed is now even less cheerful about future economic growth than it was back in June."  Washington Post


Fed to Savers: No Help Coming

Neal Lipschutz on the plight of US savers: "nobody wins until the economy starts growing with some strength and can stand on its own and the Fed can return to some semblance of ‘normal' interest rate policy." Wall Street Journal


The ECB's Risky Business

As a consequence of the financial crisis the ECB's role within the eurozone nowadays is even more "central" than that of the Federal Reserve or the Bank of England, "because it has been forced to substitute for the cross-border interbank market." Project-syndicate


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