Reading List: It’s payback for longest boom in history

30th November 2011

Fiscal Union Cannot Save the Euro

"The standard line is that there are two paths for Europe from here on out. Come together or fall apart. Fiscal union or financial catastrophe." Derek Thompson believes that talk of fiscal union to help save the euro zone is too little too late. The Atlantic


Can austerity be self-defeating?

With European governments cutting back on spending, many are asking whether this could make matters worse. As the debate heats up, Daniel Gros  provides some cool economic logic. Vox eu


Better than a Bank Bailout: A Federal Lottery

Martha Thoma thinks that holding a national lottery will would avoid much of the anger over the inequities in the bailout process. The Fiscal Times


Supercommittee: Built to fail

Now that we know the supercommittee failed, one question is whether it ever had a chance. This article by Nolan McCarty suggests not. Washington Post


It's payback for longest boom in history

Jeremy Warner concludes: "At the zenith of the boom in 2007, Gordon Brown boasted that the UK had experienced the longest period of uninterrupted growth in history. And boy, are we now being made to pay for it." Telegraph


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