Reading List: London Falling: Like a man eating his own leg (video edition)

14th October 2011


London Falling: Like a man eating his own leg

British Euro MP, Godfrey Bloom on QE: ‘It's doomed to failure. If it was so successful, why don't they give printing machines to every family in the UK, so that they could put it in their attic and print money whenever they want to buy something.' Russia Today


UK Budget Cuts `Coming Home to Roost'

Goldman Sachs Asset Management Chairman Jim O'Neill talks to Bloomberg about the highest U.K. unemployment rate in 15 years and the impact of the government's fiscal squeeze on the economy.


"Lehman moment" could be trigger for US economic renewal

Robert Hockett tells Reuters about, his $1.2 trillion economic plan, Wall Street protests and why a new ''Lehman moment'' could trigger a change in the US economy.


'The Second Great Contraction'

Kenneth Rogoff on US job data: "I think it shows that that the recovery continues to be very weak, frankly I don't think we ever left the recession in 2008, Carmen Reinhart (Economist) and I called this the "Second Great Contraction."


Nobel Prize winners: How to fix the economy

What will it take to get the economy back on track? Erica Hill of CBS News speaks with two men who might know – Christopher Sims and Thomas Sargent – who just won the Nobel Prize for economics.


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