Reading List: Losing the Economy By Saving the Rich

10th October 2011

Losing the Economy By Saving the Rich

The Economic Populist analyzes the failed economic policies in Europe and the US, which have left people suffering. "Economic policy in the West has become a tool of the wealthy used to enrich themselves by spreading poverty among the rest of the population."



The New York Times gives the blogosphere what they want; an explanation of the IS-LM model. "IS-LM turns out to be very useful for thinking about extreme conditions like the present, in which private demand has fallen so far that the economy remains depressed even at a zero interest rate."


Deflating China's housing bubble

"In the United States, housing was a borrowing vehicle for households. In China, it's a savings vehicle." Reuters explains why the property bubble in China is unlikely to cause the same economic fallout that US housing market did.


Bill Clinton: How to fix the economy

First there was Reaganomics now we have Clintonomics. With a new book on the economy, Back to Work, coming out November 8th. Fortune interviews former US President Bill Clinton on the fiscal woes currently facing the US economy.


Will the latest round of QE work? 

Interactive Investor on the latest round of QE: "With interest rates at historic lows of 0.5% for almost three years, expanding the bond purchases by £75 billion seemed to be the singular tool in the BoE's arsenal to boost the money supply in the economy."


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