Reading List: Printing money like a drunken sailor

17th October 2011

Printing money like a drunken sailor

On recent GDP and Inflation revisions by the MPC: "If the MPC's short term expectations are so unstable and prone to error, the basis on which shifts in monetary policy are made must be called into question." Adam Smith


This Recession May Be Worse Than the Great Depression

The Market Oracle analyses the above quote provided by a U.K. financial equity analyst. "The current economic phenomenon is structural, not cyclical. It may take a decade or more to rectify, if it is managed prudently. It also helps to explain why this financial crisis may be as devastating as the 1930s debacle."


The Instability of Inequality

"Any economic model that doesn't properly address inequality will eventually face a crisis of legitimacy, as today's global protests are now demonstrating." Project-Syndicate


And now, protectionism

The Economist reacts to America's latest anti-China bill. "America has legitimate beefs with China, but this bill is the wrong way to address them. It is legally flawed, economically dangerous and unnecessary."


Neoliberalism in a Time of Crisis

Fine Economics paper on Greece debt crisis by C. J. Polychroniou. "The fact that EU's leaders are having a difficult time getting a handle on the Greek problem is due to the very constraints of the neoliberal economic regime in which policymakers operate." Multiplier-effect


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