Reading List: Reality check – The Great Economic Debate, Keynes vs. Hayek (video edition)

25th November 2011


The Great Economic Debate, Keynes vs. Hayek

The debate of government spending is nothing new; in fact our current debate is the exact same one economists have been having since the Great Depression. The two schools of economic thought we are fighting over today is a debate between Hayekian economics and Keynesian economics.  Fox 19


Is a U.K. Recession Imminent?

The underlying trends within the U.K. economy are all pointing towards recession. Paul Hannon says there is very little to suggest otherwise. Wall Street Journal


Mechanics of the Market

"In order to be a good investor you need to understand how the stock market actually works." Mad Money host Jim Cramer explains why daily fluctuations in the markets don't always make sense. CNBC


Is Stimulus Spending a Drag on the Economy?

With the US media presenting two different pictures of the same stimulus story, Stifel Nicolaus Portfolio Manager Chad Morganlander talks about the economic pitfalls of the government's stimulus spending. Fox Business


Detlev Schlichter on Paper Money Collapse

A terrific explanation of the Mises-Hayek Austrian business cycle theory, the ruinous history of state fiat money systems, and the most cogent application of these ideas to our current situation. Adam Smith


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