Reading List: Stagflation

19th October 2011

Lessons From the Financial Crisis

What did the financial crisis teach central bankers? "The crisis has forcefully reminded us that the responsibility of central banks to protect financial stability is at least as important as the responsibility to use monetary policy effectively," Mr. Bernanke said at an annual policy conference. New York Times


Mervyn King: Inflation set to fall

Sir Mervyn King on yesterday's inflation figures: "Increases in energy prices, import prices and VAT account for the current high level of inflation. "Once the effect of these temporary factors begins to dissipate, inflation should fall back sharply early next year."  Daily Express


Stagflation's lethal cocktail

As UK inflation hits record levels, stagflation fears continue. "This combination of stagnation in the economy, which has barely grown for the last year, is particularly worrying given the Bank of England and the Government have so few levers to pull to tackle it." Yorkshire Post


Barrels, Bushels, and Bonds

"Commodity-exporting countries have been booming in recent years, but they are highly vulnerable to a sudden plunge in dollar prices, as a result of a new recession, an increase in US real interest rates, fluctuations in climate, or random sector-specific factors." Project-Syndicate


Shorting China

The Economist says that betting against China is in vogue. "The view that China is heading for a sharp slowdown has now caught on. Few go so far as to predict an Emirate-style crash, but talk of a "hard landing" is rife."


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