Reading List: Tax Wars

31st October 2011

America's Other 87 Deficits

The US runs a huge trade deficit with China, but it also runs deficits with 87 other countries. "These deficits cannot be fixed by putting pressure on one of the bilateral components – but try telling that to America's growing chorus of China bashers." Project-Syndicate


The really angry 53%

Occupy Wall Street seems to be getting all the media attention at the moment but another movement is underway – The 53%. Launched earlier this month in the U.S., it's a grass roots bunch purporting to represent the 53% of Americans "who actually pay federal taxes." Adam Smith


Erm, inflation?

"Meanwhile, Defra statistics show the price of meat has risen by 26 per cent since 2007, bread, cheese, eggs and milk by 27 per cent, and butter by a massive 40 per cent – driven by the spiralling cost of oil and poor harvests." Tim Worstall


Four Reasons Keynesians Keep Getting It Wrong

"Those who heaped high praise on Keynesian policies have grown silent as government spending has failed to bring an economic recovery." Allan H. Meltzer gives four reasons why the economic response to government spending is different from the response predicted by Keynesian models. Hoover Institution


Infographic: Tax Wars-Does Raising Taxes Help or Hurt Job Creation?

"We've heard the rhetoric from both sides of the aisle about the relationship between tax rates and job growth." Here's a look at who is saying what about one of the biggest policy debates in America today, and the historical data they are using to back up their contentions. Submit Infographics


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