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15th November 2011

Greece Trapped in No-win Situation

"What's going on in Greece is a modern-day tragedy. The Greek people are facing a "damned if they do, damned if they don't" scenario – one in which there is no winning position." Creators


Is the UK's slow growth and high unemployment really caused by the eurozone crisis?

Polly Curtis analyses UK economic data on growth, exports and consumption to establish whether it's fair for the government to blame slow growth and high unemployment on fragile state of the euro. The Guardian


The British government – moving from denial to blame shifting

More on UK's blame game: "I know the Eurozone is to blame for almost everything, including my plane being late (again) yesterday, but it is far-fetched to blame the bumbling cabal in Brussels and Frankfurt (and Washington – the IMF) for the decline in the British economy." Bill Mitchell


Milton Friedman – libertarian or statist?

Eamon Butler defends Milton Friedman against charges of statism. "He thought government had a wide role – to maintain law and order, dispense justice and protect the destitute. Equally, he believed that governments were too big, to avaricious, too centralized and far too likely to fail in anything they took on." Adam Smith


Cross-Border Banking in the Balance

"Eurozone leaders must aim to preserve not just the single currency, but also the gains from financial integration in Europe."  Erik Berglof says that cross border banking in Europe is at risk. Project-Syndicate


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