Reading List: The Rich Getting Poorer

27th October 2011

America's Economic Stalemate

The US appears trapped in a dangerous economic stalemate, as Republicans and Democrats harden their positions ahead of the 2012 congressional and presidential elections. "But that also means that there is reason to hope for renewed progress once the elections are past." Project-Syndicate


In praise of Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown's premiership will not be remembered as a success. He did so many things wrong that the list is too long to tell. "But he did two things right. He gave the Bank of England its independence. And his 5 conditions kept us from joining the euro." Adam Smith


The Myth of Greek Profligacy

"Reading the press, one gets the impression of a bunch of lazy Mediterranean scroungers, enjoying one of the highest standards of living in Europe while making the frugal Germans pick up the tab. This is a nonsensical propaganda."  Naked Capitalism


Buy The Rumor, Sell The News

Europe is playing havoc with this old trading strategy. "By only having rumours and never having news they keep the markets in permanent buy the rumour mode." Zero Hedge


The Rich Getting Poorer

Here is a fact that you might not have heard from the Occupy Wall Street crowd: "The incomes at the top of the income distribution have fallen substantially over the past few years." Greg Mankiw's Blog


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