Reading List: US debt: how big is it and who owns it?

23rd November 2011

US debt: how big is it and who owns it?

Who owns US debt around the world – and how big is it? Find out how China got to own over $1.4 trillion – and see which other countries have a slice. The Guardian


How to Save the Economy: A One-off 20% Tax on the Richest 10%

Peter Tatcell thinks there are serious alternatives to cutting Britain's national debt, other than cuts in public services – "As well as closing tax avoidance schemes, which could raise an extra £20 billion a year, there is a strong case for a national emergency tax on the fabulously wealthy." Huffington Post UK


The inflation fallacy

"Maybe inflation is bad. Maybe inflation does reduce our real incomes. But it's still an invalid argument." Nick Rowe wonders if the inflation fallacy is at the root of all the US and Eurozone troubles. Worthwhile Canadian Initiative


The Golden Age of Republican Deficit Hawks

If you ever wondered if Republicans were ever really pro-tax, Catherine Rampell has the answer: "Once upon a time, Republicans did indeed advocate leaving taxes alone, opposing tax cuts." That was during the 1950s and 1960s. New York Times


What is the contribution of the financial sector?

While few would argue that the financial crisis has not brought the real economy down with it, "there is considerably less clarity about what the positive contribution of the financial sector is during normal times." Vox EU


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