Reading List: US Economy Stuck Between Boom and Doom (video edition)

11th November 2011


US Economy Stuck Between Boom and Doom

Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist with Charles Schwab, says that there is some near-term hope for the U.S. economy. The Street


Julius Says BOE Restarting QE Won't Stop UK Recession

DeAnne Julius, a former Bank of England policy maker and now chairman of think tank Chatham House, talks about the U.K. economy and the Bank of England's asset purchase program. Bloomberg


The Italian Problem is the Final Test for Europe

Virginie Maisonneuve of Schroders, told CNBC, "There is a structural adjustment which must take place and people must decide whether they want to be part of Europe or not, it is the final test."


Investor: Sell Europe short

Investor Jim Rogers tells Global Exchange to move to Asia as the economies in the West get "worse and worse." CNN


Impact on Global Economy of Slowdown in China

Shaffer Asset Management CEO Dan Shaffer on how the economic slowdown of China will affect the global economy. Fox Business News


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