Reading List: What if economists were personally liable for their advice

25th October 2011

What if economists were personally liable for their advice

After reading a recent economic document, Billy Mitchell wonders: "what if economists were personally liable for their advice? The jails would be full of bankrupted economists."  Bill Mitchell – billy blog


Occupy the Mortgage Lenders

If the Occupy Wall Street movement tells us nothing else, it is that the last thing the US economy needs is more households overwhelmed by debt. "That is why US banks should embrace a plan to restructure home mortgages." Project-syndicate


The Last Bullet

US policymakers are running out of tools to get the economy growing and solve its unemployment problem. "The best option that can be implemented without a vote of Congress is to work through the market that started this mess in the first place – housing." Peterson Institute for International Economics


In a society of saints

The Chinese economist Mao Yushi [presents] an interesting paradox. "If we were all completely benevolent – looking out for the interests of other people rather than ourselves – we would have just as much conflict as capitalism is said to give us." Adam Smith


China GDP forecasts and net exports

The outlook in China is at a rather precarious point right now. "The twin spectres of contracting manufacturing and stubborn inflation have both turned around ever so slightly in recent weeks." FT Alphaville


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