Reading List: Who killed the euro zone?

29th November 2011

The German Hour

A series of events over the last few weeks have set in motion a downward spiral for the eurozone. "Unless officials – especially German officials – act fast, financial markets' verdict will be ruthless." Project Syndicate


Risk is the reason the economy is not growing

According to Peter Morgan the lack of growth in the UK economy is a result of banks fear of risk in the market. "This fear has prevented growth by stopping the natural transition of money from savers to consumers through the saving mechanism." Adam Smith


A World Upside Down? Deficit Fantasies in the Great Recession

Economics Paper (PDF) by Thomas Ferguson and Robert Johnson demonstrates that the current hysteria over deficits in the US is unjustified. They also believe that Markets for even long term US government debt is still strong. PERI


Who killed the euro zone?

Ryan Avent thinks the ECB deservers part of the blame for the current Euro crisis. "The ECB alone regulates euro-zone demand. By engineering a contraction in demand to fight inflation, it likely coordinated a shift in market expectations concerning the solvency of several threshold economies." The Economist


Graphic: How bureaucracy is slowing Europe's recovery

Regulations and poor administration have held back Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain's economies. The Telegraph


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