Reading List: Why drug legalisation probably won’t increase drug consumption

13th March 2012

Special Report: Mario Draghi's quiet revolution

Paul Carrel gives us an inside scoop into Mario Draghi's quiet revolution at the European Central Bank which may have saved Europe from a potential banking crisis. Reuters


Europe's Trust Deficit

Barry Eichengreen says forget about budget deficits and current-account deficits. The deficit that prevents Europe from drawing a line under its debt crisis is a deficit of trust. Project Syndicate


Why drug legalisation probably won't increase drug consumption

Will drug legalization really increase drug consumption? Tim Worstall says there's an interesting economic argument that concludes that no, it probably won't. Adam Smith


Why the Fed's Latest Interest-Rate Strategy Won't Have Much Effect

Michael Sivy is convinced that there are at least three reasons not to expect a major economic impact if the Federal Reserve enters into new form of stimulus called sterilized bond buying. Curious Capitalist


Reader Poll: Where Does Geithner Go After Treasury?

Barry Ritholtz wants to hear where you think the former New York Federal chairman and current Treasury Secretary will end up after his "public service." The Big Picture


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