Reading List: Zombie Economics Is Winning

8th November 2011

Zombie Economics Is Winning-Here's How to Kill It (Again)

How did the argument for lower taxes and fewer regulations come back from the dead to dominate today's debate? Jared Bernstein says that the American electorate needs help connecting the dots between "what they're hearing in today's policy debates and what got us into this mess."  The Atlantic


UK is the world's biggest country – judged by its liabilities

Jeremy Warner illustrates just how exposed to financial services the UK really is. In his mind this is both "impressive and scary at the same time." The Telegraph


A fatal recession?

"While those among the world's large economies with the ability to significantly increase domestic purchases are unwilling to do so, there will be substantial contractionary pressure on depressed rich economies. That dynamic will be unpleasant for countries like America and Britain. But it may well prove fatal for the euro zone." The Economist


Check your biscuit tin

"Do you have an old biscuit tin where you stash left over cash from foreign trips? You may want to check it for any Greek euros." Jan Boucek talks about the possibility of having Greek euros should Greece exit the eurozone. Adam Smith


Unexpected chart of the day: Americans want more government in health care

A poll from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard School of Public Health finds Americans want more, not less, government involvement in health care. Washington Post


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