Sky offering free superfast broadband for a year

10th July 2015


Sky is offering a year of free super-fast broadband to its customers as a price war between providers heats up.


Sky and BT have had a long-run battle, with each calling for the other to be investigated by telecoms regulator Ofcom. Sky has said BT’s position in the market is too dominant and BT has accused Sky of overcharging its customer £500 million for their TV.


Now Sky is taking the battle to customers, offering its £120 a year broadband package for free. Consumers will still have to pay the £16.40 a month line rental and £6.95 for the router.


BT currently charges £16 a month for its Infinity package with line rental on top.


Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at uSwitch, said: ‘Fibre broadband needs an awareness boost, and Sky’s deal might help. Less than a third of standard broadband users believe they can get superfast fibre broadband in their area, despite it now being available to almost eight in 10 UK households.


‘Free is never quite free, of course, as there’s line rental at £16.40 per month to budget for, but it’s a solid introductory deal for those wanting faster home broadband speeds.’


Doku added that there is a 25GB download limit that customers should be aware of.


‘To put that in context, you could stream around four films in high definition for that amount of data,’ he said.


‘Given that fibre is designed for heavier users, it might not be enough for families or people who are avid streamers and downloaders of games, movies, box sets and music. As Sky is offering the option of unlimited fibre for those willing to pay for it they are probably hoping people will end up upgrading to the premium fibre service in time, as customers get a taste for the benefits of fibre broadband.’



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