Smart phone fight heats up as Samsung overtakes Apple and rivals raise their game

28th October 2011

The Korean technology firm has overtaken Apple in terms of revenue according to its third quarter results as the the Guardian reports here.

The paper reports Samsung "zoomed past Apple to take the smartphone crown in the third quarter, and become the biggest mobile phone maker by revenue, after it announced strong growth in its handset division as part of its quarterly results".

It quotes technology analyst Jae Lee, a Daiwa Securities technology analyst, estimating that in the third quarter it sold 28m smartphones – well above Apple's figure of 17m for the period.

Nokia remains at number one in terms of phone sales partly due to sales of cheaper phones in emerging markets, though it is not viewed as having punched its weight in the smart phone era. It is aiming to do something about that.

This week Nokia announced a huge launch into the smart phone market with two new phones the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Website MyNextMove has a webcast interview with Stephen Elop is which he plots a revival in the firm's fortunes.

But this is just one of host of moves in the highly competitive mobile and smart phone market.

Sony has bought out Swedish joint venture partner and phone maker Ericsson for £964m, reported here on the BBC. The deal includes those very important patents that often feature in legal cases.

The BBC reports that "Many observers expected this deal because Sony wanted to integrate its phone division with its mobile games machine and tablet computer units."

Sony had been viewed a reluctant to furnish the joint venture with much of its technology but as most formats find themselves fighting over common ground the buyout could underpin a move against other technology giants such as Apple.

But for the moment, it is Samsung's prize.

TechCrunch goes so far as to suggests that the ‘King has fallen' in its headline. But in its story, it is hedging its bets.

It writes: "Samsung is still wrapped up in a massive legal spat with Apple and has still managed to grab the crown. Hat tip to you, Samsung. Then again, Apple CEO Tim Cook has big plans for Apple's upcoming quarter, predicting record iPhone and iPad sales. Only time will tell."

But there is definitely more than one contender for the crown.

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