State pension age rises: half of people think increases are fair

11th March 2016


Older women are campaigning against rapid rises in their state pension age but more than half of people said the government should increase the retirement age.


A survey by revealed less than half (46%) disagree with the change to the state pension age for women. In 1995 the government said it would equalise the retirement age for men and women, increasing the age for the latter from 60 to 65. And in 2011, the state pension age was increased again to bring it in line with longevity.


Many women born on or after 6 April 1951 will now wait longer than expected to draw their state pension.


However, just one in 10 said men and women should have different retirement ages and 45% agree with the government’s changes. However, 21% said there needs to be a gentler transition for the women who argue they were given short notice of the changes.


The main concern for many women is, they say, they were not properly notified of the changes and they did not receive letters sent to them by the Department for Work and Pensions.


Clare Mahood of said: ‘Our research has found a real divide in the nation’s opinion on if they believe the rise in the state pension age for women is fair or not. But what is clear is that people do want to ensure women receive a fair, gentler transition into this change.’


A gentle transition period has been called for by Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi) to ensure women born on or after 6 April 1951 are eased into later retirement ages.


Mahood said she hoped the changes to the state pension age that are being debated now act ‘as a retirement wake-up call for the nation’.


‘We believe retirement is the start of an exciting new journey, not the end,’ she said.  ‘We actively encourage everyone to be savvy when it comes to their retirement, to plan early for their future and be aware of all the facts. We want to urge everyone to start thinking about their retirement whatever there age.’



1 thought on “State pension age rises: half of people think increases are fair”

  1. Walter22 says:

    Why are we paying into a ponzi scheme? If we were paying into an insurance scheme and they kept moving the goalposts, their would be a government enquiry in to it. So why is it acceptable for the government to do it? Perhaps if they stopped wasting our taxes on overseas aid, we could all retire earlier than later?

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