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1st January 1999

We are editorially independent

Mindful Money is editorially independent.

This means that we are not restricted to writing about certain topics – nor prevented from writing about others.

We write about stories that are important, topical, and which we feel are relevant to you the audience and the wider investment community.

With three of the biggest investment and asset managers on board we have access to the experts who can give us insight into topics that are of interest to you.

But we are not restricted solely to speaking to them. We have a broad panel of expert commentators we can call on.

We have the expertise

Writing for Mindful Money is a team of writers who have a wealth of experience in investment journalism. Between them they have worked on a wide range of publications, including many of the UK's leading newspapers, magazines and websites.

When we seek outside knowledge, the majority of investment expertise will come from our sponsors, after all they are three of the largest and most experienced investment and asset managers in the world.

But, if we need to cover a topic that they don't have the expertise in then we'll seek that elsewhere.

Our aim is to always give you the expert view.

Any links to materials or websites from our sponsors that we feel will be of interest to you as an investor you'll find located in the ‘sponsor links' box to the right hand side of the associated article.

We will also provide links to anything else we've seen, heard, or read on other sites that we feel adds to the topic.

We are community-led

We want Mindful Money to be unique in that rather than telling you what's happening in the investment world, we take what is happening from you, and what you are talking about.

If a topic's being talked about online, we will talk about it here on Mindful Money.

We take a big picture view

Too many news organisations and websites like to think they provide everything you need – in one hit. But we all know that isn't how the web works.

There is a plethora of information out there. And the smart investor knows that you would be foolish to believe everything you read.

That's why we take a big picture view.

We provide insight into what's happening on investment sites all over the web – all over the world, in fact.

And we give you the differing views and opinions.

This means that sometimes you will be in familiar territory. Other times we will take you to places you may never have been before.

But by doing so we hope to broaden your knowledge and ultimately help you become a better investor.

We aim to spark debate

Sometimes you'll read something on Mindful Money that you haven't come across before. You may agree, or you may disagree.

Whatever your take on a particular story or topic, we want to hear from you.

We will never offer advice

It's our policy never to provide financial advice anywhere on the site.

We will never sell you anything

And that's another thing, we're not selling products to you; we're not even selling views.

There are no strings attached with Mindful Money.

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