The Financialist: ‘Construction alone can’t build the recovery’

10th September 2012

Quote of the day

Lord Turner: "Left to themselves, banks can generate booms and bust in credit supply that harm the economy and are vulnerable to deposit runs that can trigger asset fire sales and failure." (Telegraph)

Chart of the day


"The current downturn is competing with the 1970s equivalent to be the shortest and shallowest recession in post-war UK economic history." (Financial Times)


Optimism among UK businesses slumps to 20-year low. (The Guardian)

Glencore's take it or leave it $36 billion bid for Xstrata investors. (Reuters)

RBS set to take £300m hit for its role in the Libor scandal. (Money Marketing)

Record low interest rates risk becoming a "long-term crutch" to the UK economy. (Independent)


The organic roots of oaks and free markets. (Adam Smith Institute)

Far from building its way to recovery, the construction industry has been digging into recession. (EconomicsUK)

A more skilled workforce might not necessarily reduce income inequality. (Stumbling and Mumbling)

Personal Finance

Should people be free to gamble with their investments into supposedly higher risk companies? (Capitalist@Work)

Investors who simply buy and hold tend to do better than those who trade frequently. (Telegraph)

What are the most searched for personal finance questions on Google? (Guardian)


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