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21st August 2012

Quote of the day

Peter Vicary-Smith, "When some people are paying up to £900 a year in bank charges it completely shatters the myth that banking is free." (MSN)

Chart of the day


Despite only being listed on the NYSE less than two weeks ago, Manchester United is already the 14th most shorted global IPO of the last year. (FT Alphaville)


UK public borrowing disappoints as the government borrows more than expected in July. (BBC)

Could ‘Brand NHS' rescue the UK economy? (Ibtimes)

Why the Funding for Lending Scheme is not a long term solution to our problems. (Adam Smith)

The main thing holding back growth in the UK is bad economic policy. (Telegraph)

Can we blame the UK's low productivity relative to other OECD countries upon our laziness? Not necessarily. (Stumbling and Mumbling)



The ECB shoots down speculation that it plans to set a cap on the borrowing costs of debt-saddled eurozone countries. (WSJ)

Moody's warn that the Eurozone is, at best, only half-way through the rebalancing of its economy. (Investment Europe)  

Germany is set to tighten the screws again, forcing Greece's day of reckoning. (NBC News)



Apple surpasses a record set by Microsoft in 1999 to become the most valuable company of all-time. (Guardian)

John Dvorak, "If Zuckerberg is still CEO a year from now, I'll be surprised. If Facebook is the same company two years from now, I'd be more surprised." (IT ProPortal)

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