The Financialist: ‘Everything you think you know about China is wrong’

3rd September 2012

Quote of the day

David Smith, "The biggest problem is that markets are addicted to QE, in the way they used to be addicted to low interest rates before the crisis. If there is a bond market bubble, the Bank is helping to keep it inflated. We should be sceptical of the claimed benefits of QE. The sooner it ends, the better." (Economics UK)

Chart of the day


Incoming global economic data continues to surprise economist's expectations. (Pragmatic Capitalism)


UK manufacturers are suffering the toughest trading conditions in almost three years. (Guardian)

Why government provision of goods and services might not be the best way to provide things. (Adam Smith)

How much value do university foreign students add to the UK economy? (Full Fact)

No job? No prospects? Then buy a crocodile. (Shropshire Star)


The FTSE 100 might not be as attractive as it looks. (FT Advisor)

"Some people spend their investment lives looking for the perfect time to buy shares. They should give it up. The perfect time to buy shares is today." (The Motley Fool)


Should we be worrying about China's decline rather than it's rise? (Foreign Policy)

World week ahead: Eyes on ECB's Mario Draghi and US jobs data. (National Business Review)

China's Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) slips to nine-month low. (BBC)

Despite a recent boom in Brazil's economy, one local official argues that there is still a lot to do. (Reuters)

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