The Financialist:’Greece pressured to introduce 6 day working week…’

6th September 2012

Quote of the day

Jeremy Warner, "I've long believed that the 2010s are going to feel much like the 1970s, with Western economies in a state of more or less permanent crisis, lurching from one ineffectual government to the next." (Telegraph)

Chart of the day

forex pros

Does silver still have room to run? (Forex Pros)


How fund managers are buying distressed banking stocks in the hope of gaining from any recovery. (Money Marketing)

Amid a challenging economic environment, the profit of Britain's No.4 grocer Wm Morrison rises. (Reuters)

Why Investors should continually challenge their perception of a business. (The Value Perspective, Mindful Money)


What would be the political implications if economic growth in the UK continued to lag? (Stumbling and Mumbling)

The hollow centre of British politics. (New Statesman)

"The Coalition may be failing on the economy, but the idea that the Left offers credible alternatives is dangerous poppycock." (Telegraph)


With Europe back from its vacation, here is a guide to the new season's most intriguing (and terrifying) story lines. (New York Times)

Spain, Bad Banks, Assets, Losses and Lies. (Golem XIV)

As part of the terms of its second bailout, international creditors demand that Greece introduce a six-day working week. (Guardian, CNBC)


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