The Financialist: ‘Is a tax on wealth immoral?’

30th August 2012

Quote of the day

Dr Eamonn Butler, "We want more productive capital in the UK, not to tax it out of existence. It is immoral to tax people on their accumulated wealth anyway – and remember that most of those in the 'Rich List' have made their own money, and have not inherited it."

Chart of the day


Spain's monthly deposit outflows are now the highest on record. (Zero Hedge)


New Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins is everything Diamond was not. (FT)

The FSA was two years behind US regulators in grasping the importance behind market rumours of Libor fixing. (FT Advisor)

Why the Government should push through the full separation of investment and retail banking. (Telegraph)

Wealth taxes

What can Iceland teach us about a wealth tax? (New Statesman)

Are there positive behavioural outcomes of making the wealthy pay their ‘fair' share? (Capitalist@Work)

"In their liability to tax, it seems, the rich are still different from the rest of us." (Independent)


Britons expect the rate of inflation to rebound markedly over the coming year. (WSJ)

How fuel price increases could risk damaging the UK government's inflation targets. (Yahoo)

Chris Dillow isn't so sure that the BoE has ever been that rigorous an inflation targeter. (Stumbling and Mumbling)

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1 thought on “The Financialist: ‘Is a tax on wealth immoral?’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yep. They all competed on equal grounds with everyone else. They definitely are smarter, and more talented then everyone else. Yep. They are also harder working too. Im also willing to be they are more honest, caring, and thoughtful too. At least that is what the research says.

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