The Financialist: ‘Jobs, affordable housing and the recessions unlikely winner’

24th August 2012

Quote of the day

Simon James, "The euro zone was put together along the lines of a lobster trap: easy to get in, but very difficult to get out."  (El Pais)

Chart of the day


This week, Stoxx Europe 50, one of the major European stock indices has climbed into bull market territory. (Financial News)


Revised GDP figures show UK recession is not as deep as originally feared. (This is Money)

Why Germany may have the answer to our crippling jobs market. (Telegraph)

The fallacy of the government's ‘affordable housing' scheme. (Adam Smith)

£611M baby food market: a surprise winner of the recession? (Food Manufacture)

How the spoils of QE were captured by the richest 5%.  (Guardian)

Libor Scandal

Ex-RBS trader claims ‘anyone' at the bank could change the interest rate. (City A.M.)

In a poll conducted by CFA Institute, 90% of 1,113 respondents said libor should be replaced by an actual overnight rate. (Enterprising Investor)


Do our "public intellectuals" (economists) censor themselves to advance their ambitions? (WaPo)

The fiscal cliff the Keynesians built. (WSJ)

In the Patent case between Apple and Samsung, Susan Crawford says: "Expect nobody to win." (Bloomberg View)


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