The Financialist: ‘Poor culture at investment houses’

17th August 2012

Quote of the Day

Karl Whelan, "It is becoming increasingly clear that Europe's leaders are now planning for a Greek exit from the euro. The current policy approach towards Greece appears to be based on three ideas. Each of these ideas is incorrect."

Graphic of the Day

Here's a shocker: Australia's financial sector is now worth more than the eurozone's financial sector.


Reading List

Britain is facing a sustained period of stagnation not recession. (Telegraph)

Hey, George Osborne, if you're thinking about increasing government infrastructure spending, think again. (Adam Smith)

Our big banks are sitting on piles of cash because they're waiting to make the killing of a generation. (Golemxiv)

Have we jumped the gun in assuming that poor culture at investment houses infect the retail arm of a universal bank. (Economist)

The media and politicians shouldn't always defer to the wealthy because success is no proof of ability. (Stumbling and Mumbling)

An economist confuses rational expectations with adaptive expectations. (Tim Worstall)

The case for an "orderly partial withdrawal" of Ireland from the single currency. (Stephen Walsh)

Turns out, Krugman was way ahead of the curve about the UK's double-dip. (New Statesman)

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