The Financialist: ‘The 5 worst economic disasters of the 20th century’

14th September 2012

Quote of the day

Eamonn Butler, "Without the rules of honesty, contract and private property, the market will soon descent into crony capitalism, with governments dishing out favours to their friends." (Adam Smith Institute)

Chart of the day


Four likely scenarios for the Chinese economy in 2013. (Money Game)


The five worst economic disasters of the 20th century. (Guardian)

Why spending cuts, not Keynesian stimulus are the road to economic recovery. (Adam Smith Institute)

The economics of watching TV: The irrationality of couch potatoes. (The Economist)


The yield on 10-year Italian government bonds falls below 5% for the first time since March. (Europe Online Magazine)

Newspaper claims ECB, IMF are in talks over a €300 billion bailout for Spain. (CNBC)


A bubble in emerging market debt?  (Morningstar)

 Is there a case for backing professional sports teams off the pitch as well as on it? (The Economist)

Wall Street

122 Minutes with Jamie Dimon. (New York Magazine)

How finance became a giant global money machine. (BBC)

10 inviolable rules for dealing with the sharks on Wall Street. (Washington Post)


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