The Financialist: ‘The great iron ore crash of 2012’

31st August 2012

Quote of the day

Julian Bagginni, "Our present economic woes are in no small part down to the fact that economies grew not on the basis of such real exchanges, but on the movement of numbers on a screen."

Chart of the day: The Great Iron Ore Crash Of 2012


JPMorgan thinks iron ore is poised for a turnaround despite hitting its lowest levels since 2009. (Business Insider)


How Britons have risen to the economic challenges of the recent recession by becoming more prolific inventors. (BBC)

Amid economic hardship, the British buy cars. (New Statesman)

Why a large deficit in government finances mean more austerity is on its way. (Socialist Economic Bulletin)

Recession? What Recession? At least one job is booming: Traffic wardens. (Evening Standard)


How an investor turned £4,600 into £15,000 in just 12 months. (Motley Fool)

If you want to find value in UK and European markets, look no further. (Morningstar)

Brian Lund has five reasons why you deserve to lose every penny in the market. (bclund)


Although central bankers have averted outright disaster, they may be powerless to do any more. (Telegraph)

Why can someone shovel cash into the UK without any enquiry into its provenance? (Independent)

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