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12th September 2012

Quote of the day

Vince Cable, ""Most sectors of the economy function perfectly well on their own. They want lower taxes and for the government to get out of the way."  (Adam Smith Institute)

Chart of the day


How Apple stock has reacted to previous iPhone launches. (Money Control)


UK employment rate hits highest level since April 2009. (IBTimes)

More good news: UK trade deficit shrinks in July. (Telegraph)

Bank of England vacancy points to Sir John Vickers. (Channel 4)

Chris Harlow, "The economy is not a sporting event, it cannot be run like the Olympic Games and nor should it." (Adam Smith Institute)


Stock market returns: What's growth got to do with it? (Interactive Investor)

Head to Head: Which supermarket should you buy? (Motley Fool)

ICAP and Ashmore set to be dropped from the FTSE 100. (Yahoo)


Don't buy into the hype: Apple tablets are not perfect for business. (Tech Eye)

Why following the technology sector is the way to win. (Real Business)

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook's future is in mobile devices. (SFGate)


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