The Financialist: ‘The role of crowdfunding’

4th September 2012

Quote of the day

Stephen Robertson, "There's no evidence here of any Olympic boost to retail sales overall. Sadly, apart from April – distorted by Easter timings – August saw the worst sales growth this year". (Guardian)

Chart of the day


The Great British PMI recovery (almost). (FT Alphaville)


Does being a debt hawk necessarily mean you're a deficit hawk? (New Statesman)

Why individual freedom not central planning is the only way to achieve a prosperous society. (Adam Smith)

Can't economists do math any more? (Tim Worstall)


Could it be that the stampede of Oxbridge graduates clamouring to work 100-hour weeks in Canary Wharf is slowing? (FT Alphaville

How the recent IT failures affecting RBS customers threatened to "infect" the rest of the banking system. (FT Adviser)


The British Pound is back in Fashion (Seeking Alpha)

The sterling's recent show of strength against the euro could be about to end. (Investment Week)


An investor tips his hat to five shares he might buy in September. (Motley Fool)

Crowdfunding: "You could buy into the next big thing, but you could just as easily lose the lot." (Independent)

Share advice on which outsourcing companies to invest in. (Telegraph)

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