The Financialist: ‘This chart sums up 80 years of US energy policy’

23rd August 2012

Quote of the day

Bruce Stout, "Economic policy in the UK is trying to sue the credit cycle to reignite growth in exactly the same way it has done for the last 40 years, but the new illness in the economy won't respond to the old measures." (Herald Scotland)

Chart of the day


"If there was ever a way to neatly sum up 80 years of energy policy, economics and technology in the United States, this chart might do the trick." (Smart Planet)



Are savers turning their backs on traditional high street banks? (Independent)

Following the ruins of the financial crisis, one in ten Scottish businesses have been left in a "zombie" like state. (Scotsman)

Was Osborne's Plan A actually ever implemented? (John Redwood)

A Friedrich Hayek explanation of why stimulus spending doesn't necessarily boost the economy. (Adam Smith)



UK stocks: Factors to watch on Thursday Aug 23. (Reuters)

A new report on how to unearth great oil and gas shares. (Motley Fool)

From a tax perspective within your investment portfolio, is it better to generate income or make capital gains? (Morningstar)



Why Australia's mining boom might not be over just yet. (Sydney Morning Herald)

How falling income has resulted in a ‘lost decade' for America's middle class. (BBC)

Is China's economic slowdown caused by structural or cyclical factors? (Jakarta Post)


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